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24-4-24 ….Let’s Do It Again!


In the spring of 2021, with the strong support of the Democratic Women of DuPage County, Barbara O’Meara and I launched 22-4-22 to about as much fanfare as we could muster! We came to the Tinker Harvey Day event that year with $4400 already in the bank from four most generous donors in Naperville.  In the end, we managed to grow that amount way beyond the $22,000 we initially targeted as our goal!  We finished with our last donation at a total of $43,000!

In May of 2022, at the Kathryn “Tinker” Harvey/Founders Day event, we proudly presented $1,000 checks to 22 Democratic women who were running for four different offices in DuPage County:  the DuPage County Board, the DuPage County Forest Preserve Board of Commissioners, county-wide offices in DuPage County, and four judicial races.  Later, two slated candidates joined the others, taking our donations to $24,000! And, of those who received our financial support, more than 80% won their races! 

With the remaining $19,000 we designed and mailed a flyer on behalf of Jean Kaczmarek, knowing how critical she was/is to maintaining a fair election process for everyone, and also a postcard to 10,000 somewhat sporadic DuPage County Democratic women voters.  We know that Jean Kaczmarek won her race with nearly a 30,000 vote spread and, although data is not available just yet, based on experience with CBIL6 from 2018, we can expect to move the turn-out needle at least a percentage point among our sporadic voters. The donations we received were spent to assure victories for Democratic women running for DuPage County offices! 

So, what’s up with 24-4-24?  We want to do it all again for an election in 2024 that will, once again, help shore up our democracy and work to ensure greater parity for women in elective office.  We hope each of you will step forward to help us with this work!  We ask humbly for you to consider a $100 donation, or whatever amount you choose, to our Actblue link: together, we are stronger!

24-4-24 Fundraiser


May 22, 2022

22-4-22 Check Winners
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